SOUTH COUNTY — The cities of Soledad and Gonzales are working together on a regional effort to find solutions for cost-effective wastewater treatment and reuse.

According to Gonzales Public Works Director Harold Wolgamott, the City of Gonzales had an agreement with Monterey One Water, when it conducted a study on its efficiency to study Monterey County down to Gonzales and a little ways further.

“A study to try to see Soledad, Gonzales and Monterey One working together, and if there are some efficiencies we can have,” Wolgamott said. “We need to expand our plant. The State requires us to work regionally, which is something we want to do anyway. Monterey One Water is the experts in how to recycle water and wastewater.”

The efficiencies would not mean running a pipe all the way to Marina or to Soledad, according to Wolgamott.

Monterey One Water Representative Mike McCollough was present during the last Gonzales City Council and reported that the board passed the agreement in late November.

“Regionalization and working together, you can find better solutions than trying to work it on your own,” McCollough said. “We just really applaud the City of Gonzales and City of Soledad for coming to us and trying to find solutions.”

Gonzales resident Henry Martinez suggested that the City of Gonzales run pipes to its city gardens, such as the one on 10th Street and use the wastewater for those areas instead of using fresh water.

The Monterey One Water agreement was supported by Councilmember Scott Funk and seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Liz Silva.

Gonzales Council voted unanimously to approve the memorandum of understanding between the three entities.

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