What to Include in Your Salinas Valley Obituary

When you are ready to submit your life tribute to the Salinas Valley Tribune, we require the following information. Here is an example of the type of information you should include in your obituary.

•        Your name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

•        If the obituary has already been written, please be prepared to upload a digital text file. However, if you would prefer not to write the obituary, we can write it for you.

•        The name and phone number of the funeral home, crematorium, or medical donation program handling your arrangements. We also can accept a scanned death certificate.

•        Any photo or photos you would like us to print. We recommend that you submit a great photograph that best captures the person’s spirit. You may submit more than one photo, such as a great historic photograph and also a current headshot. Digital photographs are easiest, but we also can scan and return physical photos if that best captures the person.

•        The date you are hoping to see the obituary published.

Information you may wish to include

•        Name, age, city and date of death.

•        Time, date and location of the funeral services and any visitation.

•        Names of survivors and family members who predeceased the person, including parents, spouse, children, grandchildren and other close friends.

•        Name of the funeral home or crematorium handling the arrangements.

•        Contact information for where memorial contributions may be made.

•        Work history, military history, education and memberships in social or civic groups.

•        Notable accomplishments or honors.

•        Passions and hobbies.

•        A story or two that captures the person’s essence.

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Submit your tribute here

•        SalinasValleyTribune.com/Submit-Salinas-Valley-Obituary