GONZALES — Pavement work on Alta Street is in full swing, discouraging trucks from using 10th Street with new signs on North Alta for them to take the freeway to Fifth Street.

According to Public Works Director Harold Wolgamott, another detour sign aims to detour traffic to Belden Street instead of Alta Minor to travel south toward Fifth Street. Work continues on Alta between 10th and First streets.

New work began yesterday, Dec. 19, on South Alta Street between Constellation Winery and Dole. Constellation and Dole will have one entrance/exit open. Constellation’s south entrance and exit and Dole’s north entrance and exit will be usable during this phase. Traffic will be one way through the work area going northbound into town.

Southbound traffic will need to use Fifth Street or North Alta to exit town. The work between Constellation and Dole is expected to continue through Jan. 12.

“Granite is working as fast as possible,” said Wolgamott. “We will have a street that will last a long time when finished.”

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