Double Up Food Bucks
The launch of the Double Up Food Bucks program in Greenfield and King City represents a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to promote access to healthy foods and improve community health outcomes in Monterey County. (Contributed)

GREENFIELD — Aspire Health, in close collaboration with Blue Zones Project Monterey County, has announced the expansion of the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program to South Monterey County.

Launched in November 2023 at the La Princesa Markets on Williams Road and East Alisal Street in Salinas, the Double Up Food Bucks program is now available to South Monterey County residents at La Princesa Markets on El Camino Real in Greenfield and on Broadway Street in King City.

“We are thrilled to bring the Double Up Food Bucks program to Greenfield and King City, extending its benefits to residents in South County,” said Dalila Alvarado, Food Environment Lead at Blue Zones Project Monterey County.

Through the DUFB program, CalFresh recipients can enjoy significant savings on California-grown fruits and vegetables. 

When using their CalFresh/EBT card at participating grocery stores in Monterey County, customers receive an instant 50% discount on their purchases of California-grown produce, up to $15 per day. For instance, if an eligible shopper spends $30 on California fruits and vegetables, they will only pay $15, effectively doubling the value of their benefit.

This initiative is funded through the California Nutrition Incentive Program (CNIP) at the California Department of Food and Agriculture. CNIP encourages the purchase and consumption of healthy, California-grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and provides monetary incentives for CalFresh customers. 

Double Up Food Bucks
Double Up Food Bucks program partners and local officials celebrate the expansion of the nutrition incentive program to South Monterey County residents during the April 10 launch at La Princesa Market in Greenfield. From left are: Tiffany DiTullio, Blue Zones Project; Dalila Alvarado, Blue Zones Project; Genevieve LeBlanc, Blue Zones Project; Martin Ahmed, La Princesa Market; Paul Wood, City of Greenfield; Supervisor Chris Lopez, District 3; Tyler Munson, Aspire Health; Jennifer Aquino, Aspire Health; Yasmine Elsherbini, Aspire Health; and Mia McKernan, Aspire Health. (Contributed)

More than $1 million has been awarded to support the program in Monterey County. Double Up Food Bucks aims to provide a much-needed boost to low-income families, local growers and independent grocery stores by offering a 50% discount on California-grown produce for CalFresh shoppers.

“As stretching a dollar gets harder for our families, CNIP is making a meaningful impact for the families of the Salinas Valley and beyond,” said Chris Lopez, Monterey County supervisor. “The people who make the Salinas Valley home play a critical role in putting nutritious food on tables across our nation, this program allows them to put a little more on their own.”

DUFB is a nationally recognized nutrition incentive model that was initiated by the Fair Food Network in 2009. Aspire Health and Blue Zones Project Monterey County are proud to bring this impactful program to Monterey County, and both organizations are supported by Salinas Valley Health and Montage Health to make a positive impact on the county’s health and well-being.

Double Up Food Bucks program partners and local officials celebrated the expansion of the nutrition incentive program to South Monterey County residents during an official launch April 10 at La Princesa Market in Greenfield. Attendees had the opportunity to visit booths hosted by local organizations and ask questions at the Salinas Valley Health mobile clinic.

“To a family, what matters is the checkout, that ultimate number that is coming out of their pocket. This program is lowering those costs making this food accessible,” said Lopez, in his speech as one of the event’s guest speakers. “And when we live in a place like we do today, here in California, where we’re producing these foods, to give our families access to even more of that healthy food and opportunity, that is where the magic happens.” Lastly, he added, “Together, we bring change.”

Double Up Food Bucks
Supervisor Chris Lopez speaks during the April 10 launch of the Double Up Food Bucks program in Greenfield, saying the program is lowering costs to make food accessible for families. (Contributed)

This innovative program serves a triple win by:

  1. Supporting low-income families: DUFB makes it easier for low-income families to access healthier food options, thereby improving food security and overall health status.
  2. Boosting local independently-owned grocery stores: By incentivizing the purchase of California-grown produce, the program enhances sales for independent grocery stores participating in the initiative.
  3. Supporting local growers: The increased demand for locally-sourced products benefits local growers, bolstering livelihoods of workers and contributing to the growth of the community.

“The Double Up program is a triple win for our community,” said Yasmine Elsherbini, Director of Health Promotion and Wellness, Aspire Health. “It makes healthy food more affordable for low-income families and individuals, it supports economic development through independently owned grocery stores and it increases demand for California-grown produce.”

For more information about the Double Up Food Bucks program, visit

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