George Worthy

Well, no matter how many times I tell you that I’m not going to mention our elected representatives again, they just can’t seem to help themselves. I listen to the news and find out they are doing something really stupid again. Have you been watching the news about all the problems they can’t seem to fix?

“Don’t wear your mask if you have been vaccinated. Oh, wait! You have to wear a mask even if you have been vaccinated.” I don’t know what the other areas do, but I have a piece of paper in my wallet that says I took the two shots that will save me if I come near a person that has Covid, but it is just a piece of paper with someone’s signature on the bottom. I have put it inside a plastic sleeve so the writing won’t wear out, but it is just silly. 

If you approach a retail establishment to buy something, I just say that I have been vaccinated. I have never been asked if I have any proof. I feel bad about the clerks that have to point it out when someone enters their store. Who is going to get into a tussle to make sure you are vaccinated? Pretty soon you will be required to carry a plastic card like your driver’s license; of course, the plastic one can also be duplicated and sold on the street corner. 

So what’s the deal? I feel like that little lady that used to do a commercial for Wendy’s hamburgers. “Where’s the beef?” she yells when she gets to the checkout. I’m pretty sure that I have heard all the talking heads tell us that getting the vaccine, if you do get the darn thing, will save the world. Yet all the scientists say that the mask truly does nothing to prevent the spread of Covid. Yet we are mandated to wear one if we haven’t been vaccinated. 

You can’t go anywhere or even have family celebrations. Well, of course you can have family celebrations. I don’t think that Chief Wise has a Delta Force trained group ready to swoop down on any scofflaw that dares to challenge the sacred order from our, uh, what is he again. Oh yeah! Our President.

I can still remember when this deal started. They were working so hard to come up with a vaccine to prevent or stop the spread of this virus. I turned to my precious wife and told her that it wouldn’t be long before we all had to carry a card or letter to get on a plane or train or really anything that might make our lives easier. I was right again.  

My lovely daughter has been losing customers of her salon because no one will go anywhere out of fear of catching this scourge. We all went up to her house yesterday to get out of our house and to see our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They were in good health and as happy as ever. In fact, they are better looking and smarter than most children their age, but isn’t it always like that? I’ll bet you even have a child in your life that is as smart as they are, but of course they don’t listen to that guy in the White House.

Now you might be saying to yourselves, “Hey, he’s the President. He wouldn’t lie.” Let me remind you of all the Directors of the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security that looked straight at the TV camera and told lie after lie. No one is punished for those lies, like this guy will not be punished for all the lies he has told. 

My bride says I write too often about politics and elections and lies told by people in charge. Perhaps I do, but I just can’t get over how this last election has almost destroyed our country. You notice I am not telling you who you should have voted for. That’s the one thing that makes our great country the only country that everyone wants to immigrate to.  

Now with all the bad things that happen in the east, we found that good things also happened this past week here in our little town of Gonzales. I tagged along with my wife and the city staff and city council to the ribbon cutting of a new company in our industrial park. This was no little thing.

The company is named Papé. They are the largest material handling company on the West Coast. I met all the officers I could while I was there. Who knows when I might have some material that needs handling? The staff includes General Manager Randy Hall, Sales Manager Jeff Gomes, Rental Manager Lorenzo Robledo, Parts and Service Manager Gabriel Luna and Territory Manager Austin Worthy. They are a great company to have as a tenant and great people to know.

God Bless.

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