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August 7, 2020

Worthy to Print Column: Watching the world go by

By George Worthy, Gonzales Columnist

Oh, eM, Gee. That’s the short way of saying how surprised one may be when writing emails or blogs. It stands for words that aren’t necessarily wrong but just relay the way someone feels at the time. That is the way I feel right now.

First we sit out the week looking at the electronic heroin tube hanging on the wall, but even if you haven’t seen this week’s program of “Storage Wars,” it grows old pretty dang quick. I used to listen to folks saying they are binging on a certain TV show and how excited they were after they had watched about eight hours of this program. I used to say to myself, “How could someone watch eight hours of TV in a row?” I truly have not seen any show on TV that would capture my attention for two hours, much less eight hours.

I am watching the world go by as you probably are, just sitting around looking for something that will occupy your mind and let you forget that you don’t have a job next week. That’s one good thing about writing. You can work all day putting on paper something that you thought was interesting and not get paid a penny. That’s kind of like not having a job. It’s a good thing the government is giving away money or we would be storming the gates of the castle to get some attention that doesn’t come with an arrest warrant.

It’s also a good time to work in your yard or on your car or something that you have been meaning to work on but until now you just didn’t have time. Just don’t forget your mask and all your protective clothing that will allow you to escape the rules about how you should dress.

I’m sure you probably are starting to wonder when the end of this thing is going to be. I saw this moron reporter ask the President why he calls this the “Chinese” virus. Then after the dunce accusing him of being racist, the President softly said, “Because it came from China.” We will hear more about those words as time goes by. There is no doubt where the virus came from.

There have been many times our nation has been threatened, but the resolve has always been unanimous that a price must be paid. Remember Japanese Admiral Yamamoto who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor those many years ago, he would reportedly write in his diary, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Whether or not the Admiral actually uttered those words is debatable; however, there is no doubt that the attack did awaken a sleeping giant.

Our human losses are greater by far than the losses of Pearl Harbor, but the resolve is firm. Viruses don’t just show up out of nothing. Someone has made a terrible mistake. We will overcome this as we have in all our history overcome other threats to our democracy. Perhaps I am the only one that feels this way, that there must be a price paid. I’m not an advocate of war. I have seen personally the results of war and I never want to see it again, but there must be some restitution for all the death we have suffered. I won’t even dare to suggest what sort of manner this will take.

I am no longer a soldier, although it is said that once you are a soldier you will always be a soldier. I can think that if I want, but I sure don’t think I could stand for the rigors I once suffered with a smile on my face. Of course I didn’t want the sergeant to think I was incapable of keeping up. It is like that today, as we suffer with our masks and staying away from each other. Are we capable of keeping up with the rest of the country? Are we to capitulate? No, I think not.

I hear the complaints and I also get tired of staying at home all the time, but these are prices we pay so that we may be free once again to do all the things we are hampered from doing now. Put on your mask, wash your hands, stand away from each other and smile. This will pass and we will prevail. We must remember that we are citizens of the greatest country in the world. Stand tall as you walk down the street. This will pass. The United States will continue to be the beacon that shines for freedom all over the world.

My great grandson came to visit yesterday, and as I looked into his eyes, I could feel the trust he has for his family, even at 8 months of age. I want this country to be strong for him and the rest of the children of the United States of America.


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