To the Editor:

Attention: South County animal lovers! Are you aware that when your city animal control officer picks up stray kittens and dogs, they have only temporary facilities to hold them?

If the animal is not claimed by an owner, and, let’s face it, stray kittens never are, the cities of King and Soledad are contracted to transport them to the SPCA. Each city uses YOUR tax dollars to pay a fee to the SPCA for every animal they send and the SPCA often will euthanize them shortly after they arrive.

Our local animal rescue, SCAR, of which I am a co-founder, has been trying to make an impact, but the problem is way too big. The organizations with million-dollar budgets and paid staff who are taking South County tax dollars need to hear from you, the local people, that there has to be a higher priority on saving stray animals and not just putting them to sleep.

A local peace officer took a litter of kittens to SPCA that had ringworm — a totally treatable condition — the SPCA euthanized the entire litter and charged King City $160 for each kitten. Apparently $160 is not enough to treat and house the kitten until it is adopted. 

It’s past time for our small cities to stop paying stupid money to big business that have little to do with saving animals’ lives and to come up with a solution that will work better for all — especially the innocent animals.

Lucy Jensen

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