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March 2, 2021

Letter to the Editor | Trump Handled Tragedy All Wrong

To the Editor:

It is terrible what happened in the U.S. Capitol. Ever since Covid-19 started, President Trump didn’t take the correct ways to slow down the virus. Dr. Fauci always said to wear masks and shelter in place, but no one did that.

There were Trump rallies and many people didn’t have their masks on nor did they stay 6 feet apart. Trump stated on TV that he wanted everyone to go back to work and attend the Easter Masses and that the virus would go away by itself.

How is it that this country of the United States that is so rich doesn’t have enough N95 respirator masks? That is the reason there are over 350,000 deaths in the country and 20 million have it. He was a working time bomb.

Violence isn’t the way to make a change. It was a violation to the Constitution and very un-American. Dozens of police officers were injured in the riots at the Capitol.

Why didn’t Trump call the National Guard to protect the personnel in the Capitol? This is something that we don’t do when we disagree. That is the reason he lost the election, because he isn’t concerned about the people, he just wanted to win the election. 

There are several times that colored people were shot for no reason by police officers, and when they did their riots, Trump right away wanted to call the National Guard. So why didn’t he call them when the riots started at the Capitol?

A lot of Republicans are now leaving Trump because of the way he handled this tragedy that happened. He is just acting like a baby that can’t accept the fact that he lost the election. He needs to accept the fact that he lost and that on Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take the office as President and Vice President of the United States of America.

John Ordunez

Editor’s Note: We welcome Letters to the Editor of local and general interest to our readers. Letters should be typed and include the writer’s first and last name, home address and phone number for verification. No anonymous letters will be printed. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and libel. Send letters via email to [email protected], or mail them to 522-B Broadway St., King City, CA 93930.


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