Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

As ongoing conflicts in the Middle East continue to damage communities and destabilize the region, we have to reinforce our commitment to achieving peace through diplomacy and collaboration. It is time for an intense attempt to stop the cycle of bloodshed and suffering that has continued for far too long and pave the way for lasting peace. 

Due to the complexities of the Middle East, an inclusive approach that tackles the underlying causes of conflict and promotes effective interaction among all parties involved is necessary. Tensions have only become worse and divisions have gotten deeper as a result of military operations and unilateral acts.

Rather, diplomatic solutions that uphold the dignity and sovereignty of all parties involved must take priority. At the international level, the United Nations and other global organizations play an important role in helping to organize peace talks and assisting with conflict resolution initiatives. 

The international community’s support for a coordinated diplomatic effort can offer the framework required to manage intricate geopolitical issues and advance inclusive peace processes. 

We cannot afford to do nothing about the continued misery and war in Palestine and Israel, as concerned global citizens. It is our responsibility to urge that our political leaders and officials take action and to speak out in favor of justice and peace.

We can contribute to the creation of a future in which everyone in the Middle East may live in security and peace by promoting diplomacy, communication and cooperation.

Ruben Ortiz

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