Cadet Olympics
A Greenfield High School cadet participates in the Plank Hold event at the Cadet Olympics. (Contributed)

GREENFIELD — The 246th Battalion of the California Cadet Corps of Greenfield High School had 36 cadets attend the Cadet Olympics on March 16.

Cadets participated in five events — a 5K run, Plank Hold, Slingshot, Obstacle Course and Rifle Hold — held at the high school. They needed to meet a minimum requirement for all events and successfully complete four of five events to earn a ribbon.

The 5K needed to be completed in under 45 minutes, the plank had to be held for one minute, the slingshot required two successful shots, the obstacle course required completion of seven of eight obstacles and the eight-pound rifle had to be held overhead for five minutes.

All cadets successfully completed at least four out of five events.

“What I found most challenging of the events was the 5K,” said Cadet Sgt. Carlos Rocha. “My favorite part of the event was the obstacle course because of the rope and the (cargo) net (climb). Overall, the event was great, exciting and intense.”

Cadets were separated into four teams. Each team completed an event together while another team was completing a different event. Teams rotated from one event to another.

“The most challenging event from the Cadet Olympics was the rifle hold,” said Cadet Sgt. Enrique Villanueva. “My favorite of the events was the obstacle course because it had a lot of different obstacles that I thought were hard to complete. I was nervous at the beginning because I was thinking about competing with all the cadets and wanting to be one of the best.”

Villanueva and Cadet Sgt. Ckoudi Rojas-Acosta were the overall top performers. Winners for each event and the overall winners all received prizes.

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