SOLEDAD — For gardeners, both seasoned and budding, maintaining their little piece of heaven on earth can be challenging. Although it was a blessing to receive a good amount of rainfall over the past few weeks, those with green thumbs dread its aftermath: the task of pulling weeds and making everything pretty again.

This thought alone can make anyone wanting to start a garden think twice. However, there is hope. Enter, Steve McShane.

McShane has been teaching many Monterey County residents about the magic, joy and convenience of a simpler gardening alternative called “fairy gardening.” Using a sizable container (anything from a clay bowl to a bath tub), the gardener fills its interior with potting soil, various plants or flowers of different sizes and colors, and decorative ornaments such as a ranch house, tiny gnomes and just about anything the gardener desires.

The only limit is their imagination (and the size of the container, of course). Fairy gardens are definitely easier to maintain due to their size and relative portability. They may also be updated with different plants, herbs, and other accessories if desired.

For the first time at Eden Valley, McShane demonstrated in front of a live audience how quick and easy it is to put together a simple yet adorable fairy garden. He then explained the science behind the techniques he used and gave helpful tips on how to maintain and prolong the fairy garden’s lifespan. This workshop marks the beginning of Eden Valley’s seasonal gardening activities, which will continue throughout spring. 

To stay up-to-date with special events at the center, the public is invited to visit the facility in person or through Eden Valley’s Facebook page “Eden Valley Care Center Official.”

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