Soledad shop local banners
Soledad’s new “Shop Local, Support Community” campaign began with the installation of 72 holiday/shop local banners along Front Street in downtown Soledad. (City of Soledad)

SOLEDAD — City of Soledad has launched its “Shop Local, Support Community” campaign, aimed at encouraging community members to prioritize local businesses and bolster the regional economy.

The campaign highlights the numerous benefits that come with shopping locally, emphasizing the positive impact on the community, economy and environment. It started off with the recent installation of 72 holiday/shop local banners along Front Street in downtown Soledad.

“Through this initiative, the City of Soledad seeks to raise awareness about the significant role that small and independent businesses play in the community’s vitality,” stated the City in a news release Dec. 7. “By choosing to shop locally, consumers can directly contribute to preserving the unique character of Soledad, sustaining local jobs and fostering economic growth.”

In addition, the campaign emphasizes a “if you can’t find it locally, buy it online” approach, highlighting that online purchases contribute to generating tax revenue for the local zip code.

Through local tax measures, Soledad collects additional revenue even when purchases are made online; however, when purchases are made directly in stores out of town, the City receives no taxes.

The City is also encouraging residents to shop for services locally. 

“It’s important to shop local because you’re supporting a dream someone made a reality while building our local economy,” said Ervin Ortiz, owner of the Soledad Hair Co.

One of the greatest benefits of shopping locally is its economic impact. Money spent at local businesses tends to stay within the community. This is known as the “multiplier effect,” where each dollar spent circulates within the local economy, benefiting various other businesses, suppliers and services. 

Local businesses contribute to local tax revenue, which funds various community services, such as schools, infrastructure and emergency services. A thriving local business sector can help alleviate the tax burden on residents, according to the City.

“Overall, supporting local businesses through shopping locally creates a cycle of economic stability and growth within the community,” the City stated. “It fosters a stronger, more resilient local economy while maintaining the unique characteristics that make each community special.”

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